April 29th, 2009

yoshitoshi: caocao

I have made it through this book and it killed me

Well, not quite. Several Badnasties bit the dust (or rather, expired in bloody vomit) in the last few chapters, and I thought I could say Oh good that's it for Yuan Shao *and* his unlikable family let's rest here and read something else before Cao Cao (being his generous Dr Jekyll self at the taking of Jizhou) and Sun Quan and Liu Biao and Liu Bei go at it again. But no.

Last page of vol 1 has impetuous Cow Pee bursting armed into Yuan Shao's house (in defiance of his father's orders) and finding two women weeping together. He decides to kill them, because that's what one does with unarmed women your father has given securities of safety to. So I had to start vol 2 to see what happens. Yes, and it all ends well, but Cow Pee does not impress. I wish him a short unhappy life.
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