April 20th, 2009


Architects-- enemies of humanity

I have been in some immensely stupidly designed places; I have been in buildings whose main purpose is clearly to keep people out (Robarts Library, I *am* looking at you) or confuse them utterly (any major airport in the world) or make them realize the insignificance of their ant-like existence when they can't even find the exit without going down two flights of stairs and asking directions (Shibuya Station shudder moan.)

I have never been in a store that combined all the above features until yesterday. (Not even Honest Ed's. Honest Ed's merely needs signage to be comprehensible. It doesn't have it for the obvious reason.) Blahblahs at St. Clair and sort-of Bathurst, you fail utterly.
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I am fighting the urge to order Red Cliff 2 online. Not that I have Red Cliff 1, mind. Not that I would watch it if I had it, which is why I haven't ordered it yet. I know me and I don't watch DVDs short of a gun at my head or everyone on my FL talking about it. I just have the urge to buy it.

So here's the deal-- I'll order Red Cliff 1&2 when I've read that section of 3K. And by that time (mid-July by my calculations) I'll have my refund tidily in hand (touches wood- supposing I'm getting a refund this year) and can afford it.