April 1st, 2009

woxin goujian tgdy

March reading

Speaking to History, Cohen
--dangerous book. Informs me there's (presumably) a Japanese book on the creation of the hegemon during Spring-Autumn of which the Chinese book on same is (presumably) a translation. Cohen has not had a chance to look at this. Cohen does not possess google and a link to amazon.jp; I do, and am currently $30 the poorer for it.

Cohen annoyingly does not consider Uncle Ming's Gou Jian, preferring to concentrate on the two other series of the time-- 爭霸/ The Conquest (which Cohen says is called Zhengba chuangqi, no hanzi available).

And more especially the tourist-trade promoting 越王勾践/ Gou Jian King of Yue, which I wouldn't mind seeing except for, yanno, region and subtitle problems. There's a Japanese subtitled version which will only set you back about $600 and amazon's robbery at gunpoint shipping for the complete set. I cannot *believe* what DVDs cost in Japan. By contrast, The Conquest will only set you back $200 from yesasia, but with trad Chinese subtitles. This is why God made Chinatown knockoffs and region-free players. Or computers, once I figure out how that works.
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