March 17th, 2009

woxin frowney FL

We will not be silenced!

Even though this computer makes noises like a 747 taking off when I run Word (and only Word.)

Title: Under/cover
Day/Theme: March 16. I’ll keep the lights out, I’ll tell you fairy tales
Series: Woxinchangdan
Character/Pairing: Fan Li, Fu Chai

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pissy red dragon from tammylee


My internet connection died abruptly this morning. Rebooted, all the icons assured me the network was alive and beeping info at me, but I wasn't picking anything up. Brother poked at things for half an hour to no avail. I have no connection, which feels like being eyeless in Gaza. Am doing this at work, which may be my only connection for the near future. Is why I may look MIA for a bit.