December 26th, 2008

woxin d'oh

I would prefer not.

It's a dismal season to read other people's FLs. Everyone is posting recs for yuletide that I have no desire to read. I read a recc'd fic once; no truly, I read the whole thing. It was one of those reccing communities incandescens friended, which should be a recommendation in itself, and the reccer said she reread this story at least once a month because it'd just worked its way under her skin and stabbed her periodically with its quiet loveliness.
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woxin yayu_lst

Rest, rest, perturbed spirit

So I commit my own fanfic instead. As I was making caldo galego last weekend I was watching this story happen before my eyes. It appears that inspiration while cooking is as bad as inspiration while falling asleep, because when I sat down to write it I couldn't get a handle on it any more. Had another stab at it today with the same result, so went and made me a chicken salad sandwich, and then it came back. (No really, it's because I haven't been able to go out and walk around somewhere these last two slidy frozen days. Walking is as right-brain as cooking or fallng asleep.)
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red dragon from incandescens

Hat trick

"To keep or to burn?
To burn: anything by Elizabeth Bear."

I'm beginning to see why. Starting with, Blood and Iron is part of the Promethean Cycle but it's not the same part as Hell and Earth or Ink and Steel. Which means 403 dense pages with neither Shakespeare nor Marlowe in them. Should I be reading Gloriana instead? Re-reading Armor of Light? Or just cut to the chase and revisiting Point of Dreams?

Or spend the weekend reading the damned book just to say I did. (The dragon is intriguing. The dragon is a female dragon even if not my kind of female dragon.)