December 4th, 2008

hasui saitama mountains

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Either there are two books with a protagonist who mainlines The Seven Samurai as background to their life, or I'm hallucinating. Because the one I remember browsing years ago was about a teenaged boy in America, not a single Mum in England. Alas, the one I have is the single Mum one, and it's beginning to get up my nose, in spite of having a narrator who reacts to Kurosawa rather the way I did when *I* was twenty-five.
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hasui hirakawa morning

Love is like the lion's tooth

Trouble with these 31_days prompts is they need more time, and time is what one doesn't have. Mind you, that's their usefulness as well. No time to repine, one must write. An excellent remedy for the perennial foot-dragging, like myself.

Of course I've pretty much said all I had to say on today's subject, and this is written mostly for purposes of (admittedly petty) personal satisfaction. Zannen.
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