September 14th, 2008


"Great grey-green greasy Toronto, all set about with headache trees..."

...the Ike is not
As long as we can say, This is the Ike.

Meaning that yesterday afternoon's bloated lowering cloud-cover that removed the CN Tower and Bloor St. past Yonge, and the subsequent deluge that caught nekonexus and kintail and me as we emerged from BMW books, was not the tail end of Ike. It was just heavy rain. Ike comes through tonight, presumably with repetitions of the same.
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And the happiest of birthdays to incandescens. Sunday birthdays mean cake on Monday as well.
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Cheery Littlebottom?

See, the other reason I always was terrified by fought shy of Chinese is because its common hanzi include any number of characters that are as far from daily use Japanese ones as a character can get, largely because Japanese expresses equivalent ideas in kana alone. (Like 'this' and 'that.') Just from the first hundred of The most common 3000 characters we have 你, 她, 此, 那, 之, 已, 些, 從, and of course 而.
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