August 31st, 2008

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Sunday Pastimes

Only an idiot would go down to Chinatown on a Sunday, but I wanted to look for mooncakes and I wanted somewhere to go this aft, so I did. And found that a) mooncakes are not sold in bakeries, they're sold in grocery stores and b) the downtown Chinese groceries all have the same three or four brands, one being some variant on peach and the rest lotus and all exorbitant unless you buy the individual mooncake in a tin, which sets you back four dollars and change. After qwerty and zan and the rest of you lot babbling last year about green tea and cappucino and you name it mooncakes, lotus paste doesn't really cut it. OTOH it's sweet and captivating and I'm glad I only bought one, so I shall now buy no more. Thus I dispose of mooncakes.

However, serendipity, wandered into the Dundas DVD stores and not the Spadina ones-- Collapse )