August 4th, 2008

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Yes, *yes*, Mr Pratchett. Now do go away, there's a good fellow.

For more than three years I wrote more than 400 words every day. I mean, every calendar day. If for some reason, in those pre-portable days, I couldn't get to a keyboard, I wrote hard the previous night and caught up the following day, and if it ever seemed that it was easy to do the average I upped the average. I also did a hell of a lot of editing afterwards but the point was there was something there to edit. I had a more than full-time job as well. I hate to say this, but most of the successful (well, okay... rich) authors I know seem to put 'application' around the top of the list of How-to-do-its. Tough but true.

Application? Well, it means... application. The single-minded ability to knuckle down and get on with it, as they say in Unseen University library.
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Holiday Summary

Of course I went back to the Blue'n'white to get The First Hundred Hanzi, of which there were three copies the day before yesterday, and of course there were none. OTOH I did write 450 words today. OTOH I keep misplacing my copy of Maskerade because when I take it somewhere to read I find things to do there, like acrostics in the side bedroom and changing the sheets in the front bedroom. OTOH when I took it down to the living room I wound up vacuuming the living room carpet and dusting the furniture, including the very grubby windows. OTOH the vacuum cleaner is still sitting in the hallway. OTOH three days' worth of dishes are in the draining rack. OTOH the dinner dishes are in the sink.

And I want a bath after my hour's walk today. Yay exercise. Not so yay breadloaf feet.