July 10th, 2008

woxin d'oh

The lack of anything fannishly significant in my life

...is proved by me linking newspaper stories two days in a row. Observe these shenanigans and weep. Weep even more at the phrase modest million dollar homes. As someone else said, "Wychwood Park (a quasi-gated community, but without the security systems) which most people probably think is made up mainly of lawyers, stockbrokers and CEO's, is actually heavily populated by U of T faculty". Academia-- the last Kindergarten. Or, as the Brits say with more accuracy, Infant School.

What's not mentioned is that no one can just buy a house in Wychwood Park. Buyers must be approved by the trustees. The trustees rather famously used to refuse Jewish applicants (the pre-80s definition of 'diverse') though I gather that's no longer the case. I should wander through it some time and see if there are any non-white faces. Wanna bet not?