June 10th, 2008

woxin wince

A bloody and a sudden end/ Gunshot or a noose


Yanno. Yanno. There are mangaka who devote their time (or possibly their assistants' time, if they have assistants) to drawing flowers all through their backgrounds, or the detailed patterning of a kimono, or even, in the good old days, scenes filled with buildings and people. Hirano Kohta devotes his time (or his assistants', which in his case he hasn't got because the English manga includes his desperate advert for same) to drawing piles 'n' piles 'n' piles of BODIES. Mutilated, stabbed, shot, bayoneted, garrotted, casually dismembered and above all BLEEDING bodies.

And a few corpses as well.

You'd think it'd get to him, yanno? Collapse )