May 16th, 2008

woxin yayu_lst

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Oh, and the other thing whose appeal I don't get? 'Kickass women.'

Maybe it's a Canadian thing. If you have to kick ass you're doing it wrong.
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Yes, the devil whispered, but...

Decided last night that life is too short to read Brian Stableford's baggy inflated Werewolves of London, which reminds me of what the Chinese readers here had to say about the happi endo Woxin fic that tells you Every. Possible. Thing. that Fan Li is or might be thinking, all the way through the story. Less is more, guy-- an awful lot more. If I want to practise my speed-reading, there are better things to practise on. Into the giveaway box it goes. (Supposed to rain all weekend. The giveaway box will not be sitting on the lawn in the near future.) Collapse )