April 21st, 2008

woxin d'oh

Lan Yu

So finally saw Lan Yu, the afternoon it was due back because I drag my feet about watching things. And yes, very nice. Hu Jun does look better without the fungus (even if Uncle Ming looks better with) and if that's the way China does manly men, I approve of China's standards. No Fu Chai dorkiness here. Of course, if Hu Jun were Japanese he'd be playing yakuza- his is the kind of face archetypal yakuza have there- with a punch perm, and my visual instincts kept insisting that he was a low-life yakuza even if he clearly wasn't supposed to be. (Couldn't keep his family and friends straight. Subtitles probably, though they weren't bad.) Liu Ye is also beautiful, so yes, fun all round.

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