March 19th, 2008

woxin kiddin

Tales from the Sofa

Yesterday, for reasons I won't go into, saw me at work from 8 am to nearly 6, with a snatched 15 minute break. I am consequently much richer and infinitely stiffer than I was on, say, Monday, and last night was spent on the sofa with my swollen feet up, re-reading a tattered copy of The Red Pavilion.
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woxin d'oh

The road to Shu is frikking impossible, guys.

The story doesn't have to be perfect, the story has to be finished.

The theory is that if I keep on writing 200 words every day, and editing them for half an hour on the next day before writing another 200 words, this looking-to-be 25,000 word story will eventually get finished.

Except that most days the best I can manage is well below 100 words.
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