March 14th, 2008

birthday croc from TTG 07


There we go. stormcloude finds me the fix for right justification. All hail stormcloude, who reads lj news so I don't have to.

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Except it only works in *my* journal. When I read other people's FLs, back we go to right alignment. style=mine works for the first page but I've never figured out to get skip=20 and style=mine to work together.
hasui moon at magome

Oh to be in the Big Apple, now that spring is here

Oh, look what I'm missing at the Met by not being in New York now! (New York Times, requires login): "Anatomy of a Masterpiece: How to Read Chinese Paintings," a spare, studious show that offers, along with many stimulations, a retreat from worldly tumult. Runs through August 10. Maybe by August 10 I'll have a passport and functional feet. Or maybe there's a catalogue.