March 2nd, 2008

woxin white horse

Woxin rewatch- ep 21

We're- what?- less than ten minutes into disk 5, ep 21, and already I can't decide which is more wearisome: Wu Zi Xu mistreating Gou Jian or Fu Chai mistreating Gou Jian. (And in fact the person we see mistreating people most is the unlovely bwah-ha-ha! Brute 2.5 in the prison camp.) WZX is obsessed, and boring in his obsession (did I not comment on this trait of his before, likening it to Proust's narrator?) while Fu Chai is just... full-fed bumptious dork. If only he'd been beautiful and suave: if only *he'd* been the obsessed one: how much better it would all go down.

There'd at least be something to do yaoi with, since yaoi is what one does when the action gets so boring nothing will save it but making the characters screw.

Maybe instead of writing matey!Fu Chai I should be writing yin!Fu Chai, all dark eyes and smouldering glances and leading his chancellor a merry dance.

(Edited for borked pinyin. You-all do realize that Cow Cow and Cow Pee is Heaven's retribution for thinking you can do Humpty-dumpty Rule on someone else's alphabet? 'When I say a letter,' said Humpty-dumpty proudly, 'it sounds exactly as I say it does, neither more nor less.' Right, Woozy Exu-Gesundheit!)