February 27th, 2008

woxin d'oh

Vanished texts

Here is how black water seeps into reality.

I'm reading Kohri no Mamono, what I have of it. There are two main couples- Blood (not Brad) and Ishuca; and Rapunzel (a guy, like Yuki Kaori's Jezebel) and Wild/ Weird/ W(u)irudo. I know the guy's name is Wild/ Weird/ Wuirudo. I've seen other people call him that.

Today I'm reading the Great Plot Reversal in vol 11, and see that Rapunzel is suddenly calling Wild by another name. Ah, I think, part of the Great Reversal- we go back to his original name. Where the vocalizing dots are not on the 'to', making it 'do', but on the 'wi' making it 'bi'. Reversal, right? Uhh- right?

I double check in the earlier volumes.

No. The dots have always been on the 'wi', from the guy's first appearance on. Wild does not exist. Wild has never existed. He's been Built from the start. Built.

Cue Twilight Zone music.