February 26th, 2008

woxin wen zhong

Woxin Fic: "We deceive ourselves"

This kind of doubles as a happy birthday greeting to rasetsunyo, though I hasten to say I had the idea before feliciter asked her what she'd like fic-wise as a present, and rasetsunyo answered.

Title: A Bouquet of Ministers
Day/Theme: Tues Feb. 26 - "We deceive ourselves"
Series: Woxin changdan/The Great Revival
Character/Pairing: Wen Zhong, Bo Pi, Wu Zi Xu
Spoilers: Ep 18 on
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woxin ancient Gjn

Pity to lose a prompt

...especially when next month's are so uninspiring. Pity. And pity I can't write this in Chinese because natch it's all about the pronouns. Thanks again to rasetsunyo for the rundown:

Gou Jian as Crown Prince is the only person to use 我 wo3 (the modern first-person pronoun) on a regular basis... Kings (use) 寡人 gua3 ren2 lit. unmatched/lonely person.

Ah, what avails the scepter'd race! Ah, what the form divine! when every English speaker is reduced to a single bland 'I' weep weep. (Am I mad or is there a stunning double entendre in Landor's lines?) Anyway, it's all about the pronouns and one does the best one can in English. (Mourns for boku, ore, atashi, ware, wara, wagahai and 'kono Ling Gufu')

Title: "Simply the thing I am shall make me live"
Day/Theme: Mon Feb. 25 - "What are kings, when regiment is gone?"
Series: Woxin changdan/The Great Revival
Character/Pairing: Gou Jian
Spoilers: ep 20 on
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