January 30th, 2008


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abyss_goat, sho_sunaga, your 100 Demons book and the shitajiki arrived! Thank you so much- I'm so happy with it. The book was something I'd seen at bk1 and said No can't have, too expensive and you don't need pretty pictures you already own. Henh. I do *not* have those pretty pictures because they were Nemuki and bunko covers, so nnah. And am pleased that I needn't buy the later bunko vols to get the covers of, say, Uncle Kai and his bald horned youkai.
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Also finished rereading Hexwood last night. Diane Wynne Jones has this black hole aspect to her books, or some of them: I don't quite get them when I read them and I can't remember afterwards what happened in them. Granted, Hexwood is deliberately structured as a 'go back and reread' book, or reread while reading book, and I did both the first time. This time... things make a bit more sense, I suppose. I'm still not sure what happens in it. Next up in the 'I don't remember a thing' queue is Conrad's Fate, which is not supposed to be a problem book, and about whose action I remember literally not a thing.