January 20th, 2008

dragons got claws!

Between the idea and the reality falls the shadow

So, having thoroughly plot bunnied myself over at feliciter's journal, I went to bed last night and ran the opening through my head to see if it looked even remotely plausible:

Fu Chai: (from the heights of the dais) Come back to Wu with me and be my attendant.
Gou Jian: (sitting up slowly from where he's been sprawled against the balustrade at dais' foot) Your... attendant?
Fu Chai: (bland smile) I've taken a vow not to sleep with any of my concubines until you're dead. But here you are, alive. That makes for dull evenings. You can at least keep me entertained through them.
Gou Jian: Entertained.
Fu Chai: You play chess.
Gou Jian: (nods)
Fu Chai: (happily) There then! We can play chess together!

At which I thought, 'But this is RPF and I don't do that.' Collapse )