January 14th, 2008

hasui: winter moon

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I should very much like to write Woxin fic but I can't possibly do it from the English subtitles. They give me no idea what people's voices are like- how they speak, what their quirks of diction are, which form of I they use. Especially the last. Straining my ears to hear the mandarin while reading the English, all I discover to date is that when Fan Li says "I something something" half the time he's actually saying "Fan Li something something." Ah. 'Kono Fan Li', as the Japanese would have it.

Which, ya know, is *all wrong*. Collapse )

Some years back incandescens gave me John Ford's The Last Hot Time. I looked at the beginning: all about elves in America, which said Bordertown to me, so I put it away for another day. Bordertown and its writers strike me as just a bit, well, twee: easy, vulgar and therefore disgusting, in the way of my compatriots Tanya Huff and Charles de Lint. (The latter more so than the former, but the former can make my skin crawl in embarrassment too, and has.) Read it this weekend. Collapse )