January 7th, 2008


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Had flu over the weekend that left me physically and mentally delicate. Yesterday mostly I slept and then had a light serving of Hatsu Akiko. Today, in the mood for something more nourishing, I started Kohri no Mamono and zipped through a tank and a half. Err, well, so much for nourishing. Light stuff, goes down nicely, not an immense amount of substance to date. (Truly, manga where the hero asks himself every other page why he should care until the startling revelation many many pages along that OMG HE CARES!!! are um just a touch been-there-done-that, no?) Most distinguishing feature so far was me thinking for a tank and a half that the demon's name was Brad.

Went for a walk in the grey dank and came home in the mood for more Woxin. Collapse )