December 29th, 2007

pissy red dragon from tammylee

Meum est propositum in taberna mori

Have been landed with a scheduling snafu next week that sees me alone with six babies for two hours on three consecutive days, which is worse than undoable: it's illegal. In consequence I've decided to stay drunk all weekend on my Christmas wine. Things will sort themselves out somehow. They always do.

In which spirit (pun intended) happy birthday joasakura, may it be better than last.

And if I stay drunk, maybe I'll be able to make some sense of Tantei Aoneko and his pash fuckbuddy pal the pander Uguisu. Collapse )

Not quite the 30th yet

But happy birthday stanking anyway.

Erm. Also sappy Christmas fic, 100 Demons, not finished in time for Christmas and not written for anyone in particular. Writing means abandoning shame, and I'm bad at that.

The Bird of Dawning

I might do yuletide if it ever moved itself to a new year's deadline and a Little Christmas reveal. But even for the unreligious lapsed agnostic, Christmas in this society is too busy for writing fic.