December 17th, 2007

zhuge tenpou

John Betjamen in Chinese?

Here is the ambassador from one of the female kingdoms- a mountain, not one of the continents. An important mountain- in their own opinion and that of continent dwellers, *very* important- but for purposes of diplomacy not quite the equal of the oceans. And here is one of the ocean kings. The king is being intransigent and unbudgeable on a point of policy. The ambassador must indicate that she understands his position- though in fact she doesn't- and, umm, 'smooth him down' isn't quite the right idea. Say the right things and be agreeable in a way that may persuade the king to reconsider his firm opposition.

The proper question here is, What would Hisui do? Hisui alas would probably sit and be beautiful in the king's face and then accompany him to bed that night, after which the king would doubtless have a different view of the policy in question. I don't think that works with a female ambassador. Not that males and females don't accompany each other for pure pleasure, but not royalty. (Hisui would be at the same disadvantage when dealing with a female ruler, in fact.) Therefore the ambassador must resort to poetry.
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