November 9th, 2007

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Finished The Fortune of War (Patrick O'Brian, Master & Commander series) and in my grasshopper reading fashion have begun Treason's Harbour, third along from Fortune. Having just moaned about being spoiled by other people's chance remarks, I agree it makes no sense that I spoil myself in this fashion. FortuneofWar spoiled the whole of Desolation Island- which is actually OK, since I can't read my copy of Desolation Island: the typeface gets between me and the words. Yes, princess and the pea. Treason's Harbour is currently spoiling The Ionian Expedition, and that's OK too. I shall read Ionian in any case because it sounds like the prototype of Black Powder War, or portions thereof.

This has all left me wishing Novik had borrowed more- much much more- from O'Brian than she did. Novik's settei is so lovely, I feel it deserves the same solid satisfying feel as O'Brian's work, the same weight of narration and unquestionable sense of place and period. I love Temeraire, yes, but there's a lightweight quality about it that makes me sad.
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And this is last day of Diwali, I see. Does one wish people Happy New Year tomorrow? Happy New Year tomorrow, if so.