September 29th, 2007


In praise of Daisan no Teikoku

I give up. paleaswater's right. "Most westerners would have an impossible time trying to classify Third Reich." This westerner isn't even going to try. One can only watch in dumb admiration as the mangaka does whatever it is she's doing. Classification, that western obsession, is de trop in a series like this. (Apropos of that, Vice Fearless Leader also once noted disapprovingly that too many fans believe taxonomy constitutes discussion. She's right there too.)
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The feck--?

Who nominated Motoni's Detective Bluecat over at Yuletide? Who could have? And seconded and thirded it? Has that thing been translated while my back was turned?

No. Obviously. Because there's Hyakki Yakou as well. Manga or tv series uh yeah-- Qwerty, this was your doing amirite?

But I may have to enter if only to write Molesworth. Only I won't, because pastiche-master bravecows afrai will, and she'll do a better job than me or anybody. But still. molesworth x peason OTP. Um. No. peason x molesworth OTP. wandsworth x fotherington-tomas OTP. (Had to look that one up. There is only one h in fotherington-tomas.)

And the appearance on the list of works by authors who foam at the mouth any time fanfic is mentioned will be, mh, interesting if nothing else. Yuletide does not have a low profile.