September 23rd, 2007


You know you've been on the Net too long when... open up Word and look at the blank screen, wondering why your homepage document isn't loading.

(Daisan no Teikoku grows on one. Bar the time spent looking for kanji that don't exist because they're hanzi, and words that don't exist because they're names: the last of which is a chronic pitfall for the beginning Chinese learner. And also this weird quite Japanese thing- 條- which I finally discover, thanks to H&S, is a variant reading of 条. IME has it, H&S has it, but Nelson's doesn't: not in the index. I should have crawled upstairs to consult H&S instead of looking in vain for twenty minutes under ninben radicals in the wordtank and Nelson's, pfui.)
hasui saitama mountains

Not quite nostalgia

Shall mention that on this day in 1990, also a Sunday, I landed in Tokyo with the intention of staying at least half a year: not knowing that in the four months between my doing my research on visas and such in May and my arrival in September the Japanese government had changed its regulations. I found out when I trotted up to Sendai in December to renew my tourist visa and found out I couldn't, and had three days to make alternative arrangements.

Lafcadio Hearn said to write down your impressions of your first day in Japan because you'll forget them after. Ha. Collapse )