September 6th, 2007


(no subject)

The weekend's bk1 order is sitting happily on the front porch when I come home. No 'we called and you weren't here come to outer suburbia tonight to get your books,' no 'call our toll-free number and negotiate five automated answering menues to rebook a dropoff', no 'we have a box for you but you owe the gov't GST and us a chunk of change for doing the paperwork.' Just the books, ma'am: 4 GnS, 1 Phantom Moon Tower. Total cost of shipping five manga by courier is 3000 yen, the place where starts.

Inside the door is a bill from Fedex for, yes, an additional $23 for my last shipment because the $7 they charged me then was not enough.

Sayonara, Rot in peace. Thank you mikeneko for recommending bk1.