September 4th, 2007


Return drabble for incandescens

Which actually occurred to me at the time
Title: Forbidden Degrees
Series: 100 Demons
Pairing: Not

       "Ahh, beautiful wine!" Oguro apostrophizes in drunken rapture.
      "Ahh, delightful wine!" Ojiro echoes soddenly, emptying another cup.
      "More," Tsukasa says, shoving her glass over to them. I'm not sure who she thinks she's talking to at these times but I'm not asking.
      "Such wine we shall serve when the Princess weds the Young Master--" Oguro fantasizes.
      "Hunh?! I'm not marrying *him*!! He's my -hic- cousin!!"
      I agree. Tsukasa's like my sister- my older sister. Absolutely no way.
      Aoarashi snickers.
      "I can't wait. Two of Kagyuu's grandchildren marrying. Your offspring will be... most interesting."
      That's the other reason why not.