August 29th, 2007

jiip sad


Seidensticker is dead. Rather an unlikable git in many ways, but still, an institution. And he died in Tokyo, which is devotion. If I had a worrisome medical condition at an advanced age, I'd come home to where there are western doctors. They at least are accountable. Japanese doctors are regarded as God, and think themselves God, and like God reserve the right to slay their worshippers without repercussion.

(Spellcheck suggests 'Seidensticker' wants to be any of Sadistic, Hedonistic, Modernistic, Dynastic, Sternest, Stochastic, Statistic, Stylistic. All of the above, say I, though I need to look up Stochastic.)

Arrival of the White Dragon

Lovely rasetsunyo draws me a picture of Goujun in court wear, not the uniform-with-claws he uses in the army. See here for a discussion of his sash.

(Hmm- yappari lj's scrapbook function is no substitute for a good old img src=)

In return she asked for some Goukou. I'll think about how Goukou's magnificence might fit into a drabble, but in the meantime have a possibly AU fragment from Kaiei at the Southern Ocean.

The version where Kaiei does not behave like a discreet young man