August 19th, 2007

red dragon from incandescens

Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean... Plus cityscapes pushes stuff at me, of course. Any time I go to them, they're doing 'wouldn't you like to look at these...?' Now, what I've bought from them is Ima Ichiko and Nemuki and Hatsu Akiko and Akino Matsuri, all in quantity. Do they offer me more ghostly and/or historical fantasy shoujo? They do not. They offer me FMA. I do read FMA, yes, but I've never bought it from them. O-susume no riyuu? (Why do we mention these?) 'Cause you bought Papuwa 12 from us so we're sure you'd love FMA 17. And this shounen Jump series over here as well, and...

Well, fine. But. Collapse )

However, paleaswater, the next Phantom Moon Tower is due out on the 25th. I have it on pre-order; but if Book1 gets it in maybe I'll try them instead, since careful squinting at their info suggests they send by mail directly to Canada.

In same-language reading, I finished Ackroyd's The House of Doctor Dee. *Now* I know where Mieville's coming from. Collapse )