July 24th, 2007

gold hisui from rasetsunyo

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Have finished Rainy Willow Store 11, which I like better than 10 if only because it's all strange happenings and not master forgers. Also it has a story involving Japanese gardenias, which are called kuchinashi, no mouths. Collapse )

I'm back to being of two minds about getting a Nemuki subscription, because the Rainy Willow stories work better for me in tankoubon than as one offs in a magazine. Read one after another, their dreamy other-worldly atmosphere (which for me is otherworldly by virtue of being Meiji, not for being about ghosts and the spirit of objects) gently surrounds the senses like a soft misty rainy day. Soft misty is also not a Torontonian topos; and while I sometimes missed the hard light and the hard water of Ontario when I was in Japan (as I do when I'm in Vancouver or Halifax, for that matter) I equally and occasionally miss the washy ink-and-water feel of Japan when I'm here.
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