July 9th, 2007

zhuge tenpou


I have the week off, is the theory, and it's too hot to do anything but read. So yesterday I finally started in on a manga that I've had for almost ten years. I bought it second-hand in December of '97 because I liked the art nouveau colours of the cover, though I had no idea who the mangaka was or what. Got another of hers too, vol 5 of a series, also for the look of the cover; and didn't read that either until someone sent me the whole thing in '03. Yup, that one was Kawasou Masumi's Karin. Sunday's was her Kaze no Toride (fortress of the wind) with toride furigana'd as casbah because a chunk of the vol 1 action takes place in Algiers.

Not that I read vol 1, mind. I *bought* vol 1 in '97, as I remember clearly. Then somehow when I was packing up at Jean's vol 1 disappeared. Or so I assume, because it certainly didn't make it home with me, any more than the Hatsu Akiko art book that I bought in 1999-was-it did. Memory says I lost that one at Jean's too. There's a black hole somewhere in Itabashiku, I'll just mention.

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