July 7th, 2007

human aoarashi

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Reading Tales from the Rainy Willow Antique Store #10. A return to simple Japanese as well as simple lapidary stories. A pleasant change after Ima's multi-plot multi-thread narrative technique- qui est jolie aussi- but which cries to me for crossovers between the two series. Especially this tank, in which Ren keeps running over things which are so much Kagyuu's specialty.

And I would cross them over- young Kagyuu meets middle-aged Ren, supposing Ren ages: but for a small problem. As far as I can extrapolate, in Ima's world WW2 didn't happen. This makes for difficulties when trying to map RL history onto manga reality, the primary one being just *when* did Kagyuu grow up and marry? Collapse )