July 1st, 2007


Ima Who?

I have an earache and I feel lousy which means it's time to do what I never do and watch TV. Or rather, watch something *on* the TV. Or rather, go down to Honest Ed's video and rent some back seasons of Dr. Who, a series I've never seen. Tell me, ye that know, which Doctor do I want, supposing it's available? Take your time- Suspect Video doesn't open for three two hours yet. (Man I type slow.)

June reading list is pathetic: WA 6 all together finally, and finally finished Ima Ichiko's Five Box Stories. The latter is a collection of early(ish: mid 90's) mild BL stories, first published in a magazine that's long gone and then persistently shopped around by one of her editors for several years until someone agreed to print the collection. (Is now in bunko as well. Editors know what they're doing.) Ima has an afterword about how she thought these stories were safely gone and buried and now here they are in tank again, thank you for reading them and now please go and bury the book in a deep hole in the back garden mmkay? Proving that no one likes their early stuff.

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