June 6th, 2007

ima ichiko aoarashi

Fic: Behold a pale horse?

Fourth seal on mikeneko's trunk, I suppose. Intended to be one of the dreamy sensually-sensuous Ritsu fics. Didn't turn out that way. Or rather, if this is about Ritsu then it's squicky in spades so let's assume it's not about Ritsu. In fact, it may be one of those fics paleaswater characterized last night as not really 100 Demons stories at all. I suppose this does owe a certain something to ep 9 of the TV series, so I'll credit them for inspiration as well.

Spring Dream

(I still want to write a spring night story about sensually sensuous Ritsu but it may not happen, precisely because Toronto springs aren't conducive to the genre. Toronto famously has two seasons- too hot and too cold. It's currently too cold after being too hot last week and before being too hot at the end of this one. Dommage.)