May 25th, 2007

mosquito coil from kaka

Taishou Chic

Ages back I saw Suzuki Seijun's Kageroza, a surrealistic film set in a Taisho that never was. I knew he'd done an earlier film called Zigeunerweisen (and if you think that's bad try reading it in katakana) but no one ever showed it; what I only just discovered, courtesy of Suspect Video, is that he made a third Taisho-set film called Yumeji. I'm amazed: mostly because it stars a singer called Sawada Kenji and one of my two gaijin friends in Tokyo was a Sawada fangirl of epic proportions. I'm amazed she never made me watch it, because she certainly made me watch Makai Tenshou where Sawada played the ghost of (in RL, sixteen year old) Amakusa Shirou. Amakusa is one of those tragic dying teenaged boys so beloved by the Japanese culture cf Yoshitsune or Taira no Atsumori (beloved for very suspect Yukio Mishima reasons: Kumagae x Atsumori OTP). I should watch Makai Tenshou again if I get a chance: hadn't realized what an all-star cast it has, and hey- Sonny Chiba as Yagyuu Juubei! Collapse )