April 22nd, 2007

red-eyed goujun by _mrowr @ muffyface

Luddite: Still Not Amused

I'm tired of IE hanging like a hanging thing when I'm looking at long collapsed threads in a discussion, as at fanficrants. Journalfen is usually OK but the lj communities are terrible. 'Oh will we load this page or won't we let's sit here for fifteen seconds making up our minds and no you *cannot* press stop load, you can't do anything but wait.'
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ima ichiko aoarashi

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So what *is* a remix?

I can hear paleaswater saying that if I'd just go read a few remixes and compare them to their originals, I'd know. That's the Chinese way of doing things. The western way is to have someone define the thing for you, as being faster and more definite. I am a westerner. Ergo. What's a remix?

It appears you do not ask someone if you can remix their stories, so I assume in this kind of challenge people just give a general 'Use mine!' blanket permission? But if it's merely variations on the theme and umm configurations proposed by the original, and not plagiarism in any distinct way, what does fannish consensus think of doing a remix without permission?
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