February 24th, 2007

intrepid goujun from kagenami

More joy

There's an lj community for Antonia Forest.

Only I'm a little scared to start reading it. Until the 21st century the only person I knew who'd read her books was me- not counting family and friends I pushed them on to, and none of them were avid the way I was. So, y'know- my own series à moi aka Papuwa Syndrome aka 'master am I of all I survey'. Do I wish to discover the mark of those other feet (in Papuwa, English-speaking- the Japanese footprints of course were everywhere) on my solitary island? Will I now be subject to regular attacks of NONONO you've got it all WRONG you're murdering my CHILDHOOD you blind blithering idiot? Am I at all put off by the fact that the second AF fan I found online is a flaming twit? Aarghhh... wibble wibble... somehow it's not so personal when it's molesworth but then all molesworth fans do is quote him at each other which is really the only way to be a molesworth fan.

Grabber: Do you kno who you are talking to?
new bug: Can it be Stalin?