December 22nd, 2006


And they pan using Japanese in fics

Periodically I wander into Jewish discussion groups for the sheer pleasure of reading something like this
But someone who holds sheitlach are mutar can be machmir like those who prohibit by wearing a tichel etc.

Posted by: Zev at May 23, 2004 11:00 AM
the point is, if sheitels are assur, then it's not a chumra to wear a tichul
Do I ever hear anyone saying There's a perfectly good English word for all this so why are you using the Hebrew? No, not once.

I think the Japanese users around here could learn something from this.

Hat trick

There was slim parcel between the doors when I got home. Had it contained something in colourful wrapping paper I'd have waited till Monday to open it but it didn't and I did and---

I never thought to be saying this in all sincerity but now I am. (clears throat) incandescens, it's lovely. I shall treasure it always. What is it?

That's a general what, of course, meaning who and what's his background if any and etc etc. But I love it to pieces. What is it? (And do you think it's safe to scan it?)