December 20th, 2006

ima ichiko aoarashi

Uncooperative: does not play well with others

So in My Own Private Yuletide here where I endeavour to write a 100 Demons fic, sort of for mikeneko featuring one of those certified squick pairings she mentioned a ways back, I'm being tripped up by the fact that Aoarashi is essentially, stubbornly and akumademo a comic character. He will not angst properly. He will not seek the pale reflection of Kagyuu in a living descendant of his blood. I mean, he will, but he won't say that's what he's doing because he doesn't know himself and I don't think under the circs that Ritsu will be able to figure it out. 'Ah! If only I had been master of this body when Kagyuu was alive, if only I had realized the possibilities of corporality then, how much I could have done!' is a nice line but not one Aoarashi will ever say. This story is turning into humour because I can't make it do anything else. (morose) I'm sure it would work fine if I could draw it but I can't draw. So I may have to resign myself to writing 100 Demons yaoi as the Chinese fen do: out of character.
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