December 18th, 2006

jiip sad

"There is no end to the making of books and much reading is a weariness of the flesh"

Many years ago a friend was moving apartments- this was in the days when people moved every year or two: ah, Youth! Her Czechoslovakian boyfriend- this was in the days when there was a Czechoslovakia, so you know we're going back here- looked at the thirty odd boxes of books and said morosely, "This is the dark side of literacy."

All those people who say 'I never throw books out' or 'Oh no I could never throw a book away no matter how battered it is.' Those people? They haven't been buying books for 40 years and they haven't spent a good chunk of their inheritance on impulse book buying and they especially have not had someone wish ten UPS boxes of manga on them. I have. I did. The results are not pretty.
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