December 10th, 2006


Old Acquaintance

Many happy returns of yesterday, shiny_monkey!

And speaking of returns of yesterday, I was googling in Japanese for Goujun pics because of that request on the saiyuki community. (Note 1- IME doesn't have Goujun's gou kanji, which I put here for handy ctrl-c'ing 敖潤. Had to pull the hanzi from mandarintools. Not impressed.) (Note 2- that lovely Goujun artist's website has gone from the intarnets. Always DL those stunning pics 'n'fics cause the net is as semper mutabile as we are.) However I did come across something interesting. Collapse )

All this aside, the artist has contributed a few new 'why didn't *I* think of that?' wrinkles to Goujun lore. Collapse )