December 7th, 2006

ima ichiko shikigami

The pleasures of the text

I first read the bulk of 100 Demons in the warm greasy fall of 2004, and memory says I read a lot of it between shifts at the new daycare centre. I do remember the ugly fluorescent lights on the ugly yellow walls as I sat reading on the lumpy purple futon in the pre-school section while kids slept in the next room and outside the undistinguished grey rain fell.

I'm reading my wide-han copies wherever I can, which means coffee shops and restaurants by day and the living room sofa by night when I have nights ie when there are no meetings till 9 pm. But this afternoon with three hours to kill I found myself alone, up on the third floor in the tiny staff lounge under the eaves of this once-was-a-house, sprawled on a very comfortable futon nestled under the slanting ceiling and reading the Sangoro's Pond story in the bright cold westering sun of early December. Reading 100 Demons is always an indefinably happy making experience, and views to the western sky are a rare pleasure these days (I so miss the tree-fringed western skyscapes that I grew up with)-- so reading Ima Ichiko on a sunny frozen afternoon, and drowsing a little afterwards, and considering possible ideas for possible fics, all constituted an interim moment of exquisite happiness that I note here for future reference.