October 9th, 2006

jiip sad

I'll never get the hang of this (sob)

There's Bleach wank at f_w. There's also incandescens doing Bleach/ Alice in Wonderland crossovers over in her own lj's comments section. And I'm here still googling "bleach (name of person I swear I've never heard of before)" because there are 500 characters with both a family name and a personal name and people use either indiscriminately, and write het stories about Mr. Stripe-across-the-nose who appears for- what- maybe three panels in the manga? Man but Bleach fandom believes in equal time for everybody. I'd be impressed if I wasn't so dispirited.

(Parenthetically, is there something about het shipping that makes people crazy? First Harry Potter, now Bleach- is there anything in yaoi to match those pairing wars? GW and X, maybe, but both of those were a long time ago and everyone has since grown up, more or less.)

And really, why is everyone getting so worked up over Rukia and Ichigo and Orihime when the hottest character in the series is Ichigo's sword?