October 7th, 2006

hasui saitama mountains

Coming up for air

Thanksgiving. The trees are all yellow and half the leaves have fallen from the cherry. That's one early autumn we're having here.

If I manage this properly I shall cease existing entirely for the duration of the weekend. Got my two volumes of Cent Démons after paying- no really- $1.68 GST + $5 handling charge, found I'd read all of vol 2 too recently in Japanese to want to read it in French so read the last half of vol 3 and the afterwords which the bunkou doesn't have. ('Some days I wish a bomb would fall on Ginza- oh, and my bad, childbirth isn't covered by the nat'l health cause it's not a sickness.' Sheesh. It's covered here; and they wonder why the birth rate's declining?)

Then dove back into Bleach. I shall say that a series that requires you, at vol 21, to remember something that happened back in vol 3 is a cut above most shounen series. But the result is having to read in two directions at once: forward from 21 in Japanese and backwards from 4 in English to refresh my memory. This is why I've been underwater. And down I go again.