October 3rd, 2006

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Happy birthday paleaswater, congratulations on the wedding, thanks for all the fish FUDE OMG, and how do I remove an author's name from that frigging drop-down menu on the fanfic page? I discover to my pleasure that editing authors.txt will change emails (a bit late in the day, to be sure) but it seems nothing will take a name off it, even if said name has no fics uploaded.

I await your thoughts on the matter.
jiip happy

Fannish Random

Read the first Temeraire book on the train back. It's sweet and pleasant and I cried like a drain but I think the second one is much better. I'm also suffering twitchy 'I'd have written this differently' flashes. That's a change from most of my fantasy English reading, which is usually 'I wouldn't have written this at all and I rather wonder why you did,' but still. My perfect contentment is marred, grump grump.

Stunned to find Zero-Sum waiting in my mailbox when I got back. It came out last Thursday. And went to Vancouver and crossed the country and arrived here on Monday-- no, I don't believe that's possible at all. If it comes out on Thursday *Hong Kong* gets it Friday. That Toronto gets it Monday (no weekend mail delivery) is a miracle. Iwase usually takes ten days to two weeks to deliver.

I now have limited-edition Saiyuuki gels from Zero-Sum's Comiket booth, courtesy of abyss_goat, in lovely glowing colours, which I may iconize when I finish gloating over them. But you can't put gels in the window like I want to. The light bleaches them.

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