September 9th, 2006


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I see how you draw djs about Bleach. I don't see how you write fanfic. The characters are still visually impressive, emotionally minimal, and have the onstage time of summer lightning. Blink and they're gone. This may be the result of reading in tank rather than monthly, and maybe they'll all come back again for a huge company reprise. But at the moment I'm thinking fondly back to Hikaru no Go, whose pace and focus makes it look like Lawrence of Arabia next to Bleach's Star Wars.

The problem is that The Beguiling doesn't have vol 13. If I skip a volume of HnG as I did accidentally at one point, not much has changed. If I skip a volume of Bleach I may find myself in another dimension at the start of vol 14. And The Beguiling is the only store that converts US$ to Canuck at the current rate they bought it for from the publisher, not the laughably outdated figure given on the cover. 7.95US is not 12.95CD any more, you money-grubbing twits.
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ETA: have put the story here. All it takes is a new FTP, obviously. Boo hiss to the two old ones that suddenly decided not to work.

First attempt at 100 Ghosts fic. Can't get into my webpage so shall upload here in rich text format under the cut, and hope it works. Oh, and try to think of a title.