September 4th, 2006


Writing avoidance tactic #693

Friday evening when the soft grey rain was blowing in I went by The Beguiling, which is the local comics outlet back of Honest Ed's, which is the local neighbourhood landmark (and for anyone who knows TO, my god does it mark the land) to find they had a Labour Day sale on, cover price of American dollars = Canadian dollars plus no sales tax. So I got the next two volumes of Bleach, execrable translation or not, plus one lonely copy of Monster in Japanese. (I could bitch about comic stores these days- even Kikiwai- carrying only English translations, but I'll save my breath. Kinokuniya- Bookoff- why do you scorn this Canadian city?)

My problem with shounen fight manga is that its denizens run more to character design than to, y'know, *character*. Visually grotesque personage appears, makes threats, shoots, and leaves, all in the space of half a tank. Bleach is currently being no exception to this pattern, hence the recourse to Monster. But this raises the question for me: how do you remember who everybody in the SS is? The Bleach fic communities provide me with an overwhelming cast list but in the manga all I can identify are Mr. Floppy Hat, Mr. Curlers in his Hair, and Mr. Any Smiling Blond Psychotic, whose cloned younger brother is currently running in Papuwa and calling himself Okita Souji because yeah Papuwa is doing riffs on the Shinsengumi as well.

So is there anyone else of importance I should know about? here around vol 12 or so...