August 28th, 2006


Sai-o-nara: the pleasures of A Lot

Yes, I'm sure fifty million other people have made that pun. No matter. Ahh, end of Hikaru no Go, thou comest when I had thee least in mind. Partly because I didn't register that vol 18 was hors series, and partly because of vaguely remembered scuttlebutt that said the series ended because the writer wanted the Korean champion to win and the SJ editors were adamantly against it.
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In the Onmyouji manga, I believe, Hiromasa thinks to himself, after being introduced to Mitsumushi (mysterious insect), 'Sounds itchy.' This is because her name sounds like mizumushi (water insect), the Japanese version of athlete's foot. Japanese versions of Stuff Here come in two varieties- infinitely more delicate, as with daffodils, maples, and daphne, and indescribably more gross, as with cockroaches and cicadas. (Japanese cockroaches- gokiburi- are two inches long, have wings with which to fly, and are attracted to light. OTOH they're actually kind of pretty in their shellacked-back fashion. Cicadas- semi- are louder there- much much louder: like miniature buzzsaws- and I miss the sound of them. But oh my God yuck are they BIG and UGLY in the flesh.) (Am reminded of the woman who said she'd never seen anything to resemble Japanese insects, even after living in Tanzania for three years.)

And so with mizumushi. I'm convinced I picked up a systemic case of it there because it flares up here periodically when I forget to dry between my toes with a hair-dryer. It laughs at western fungicides and it drives me nuts. I am currently being driven nuts. Just FYI.

(OTOH the labels on the fungicides make me blink. 'Use twice daily. Effective within 4 **weeks**.' Huh? It was three days in my youth. Global warming and fungicide-resistant athlete's foot. The world is entering its latter days.)